Three Dot Netos – a .NET performance tour around Poland


I would like to announce with pleasure the initiative of Three Dot Netos. I am very excited because the preparations have been going on for several months. And here it is finally. I can officially and publicly announce it!

But… what?

We get in the car and start on the road through Poland. 5 cities, day by day. Every evening a different city and other people but the same topics – .NET performance, .NET internals and other advanced .NET themes. Hell of a ride for your brain! There will be no mercy. If you’re bored with sessions on .NET at other conferences, now you should be happy! Of course, this is not meant to be an empty talk. All topics discussed will be practical. But we will not repeat again the same boring “reference types are on the heap and value types are on the stack“. Oh no no! Detailed agenda will be announced in a few weeks. But be sure it will be interesting.

In the first edition, we will speak Polish. But who knows what the future will bring. However, if you know some Polish guys – tell them about us! Spread the word, this will always be helpful for planning further initiatives. Please 🙂

But… who?

Those who like and love .NET topics!

But… where and when?

From 12 to 16 March, in Poland. The order of the cities is almost certain but we will announce the final dates and venues at the end of January. We will visit:


But… how much does it cost?

Nothing! It is a community event so just bring your good mood and hunger for knowledge. We will also earn nothing on this action. Travel costs, accommodation and other additional costs are covered by our sponsor 7N. Muchias gracias!

Where to find more information?

Registration has not yet started. If you support our initiative or just want to observe it (for example, to know if it is not happening somewhere outside of Poland), we invite you to follow and visit


Where did the idea come from?

The idea came to my head a year ago from a simple principle – it’s better to work together than alone. There are few .NET-internals-and-performance geeks in Poland, why not do something cool together?! The idea was accepted soon and here we are! Mexican flavors of Tabasco sauce and Jalapeno peppers well reflect the harsh climate of the brain challenge to which participants will be subjected

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