.NET GC Internals mini-series

I’ve decided to make a series of at least 8 free weekly-based webinars about in-depth implementation details of the .NET GC and… I’m super happy with it! Why the idea? Many my other activities are about more practical “.NET memory management”, like my book or workshops/trainings/consultancy I gave. But during all this practical-oriented events there is always not enough time to explain in details how .NET GC is implemented. Obviously, I always explain some concepts and algorithms, to the level that helps in understanding the whole concept. But not with the level of details that I am satisfied.

Hence the idea – make a separate content that will be just as deep as I like 🙂 So, I will cover details on the level of bits, bytes and source code, not only on the level of the overall algorithm description.

The first episode was yesterday, feel invited to watch:

The topics I’ve covered in the first module:

  • the whole series roadmap
  • some fundamentals like reference counting (including more modern algorithms) and tracing GC
  • .NET GC types and its history
  • first dive into the .NET 5 runtime source code, including the first breakpoints in the famous 40 kLOC gc.cpp

And the whole playlist is also available on YouTube.

The topics I will cover during the whole series are as follows:


And we will see whethere it ends after eight episodes, or maybe a new interesting topics will emerge (including, from your questions).

Have a nice watch!

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